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Masaki Sendo, Capi, Saki or Capisaki is a capybara that is tall, about 180cm. He’s a regular capybara, with a darker brown skin.

Saki is always wearing either baggy or thin clothes. His go-to shirt is his pink flamingo shirt, but he likes his axolotl sweater too. He doesn’t like pants too much, that’s why he wears shorts or sweatpants. Also, he likes black sneakers!


Main colors (backgrounds and assets)


Shirt colors



The following images are copyrighted by me and the artists that did the pieces. You are not allowed to use it commercially, unless explicited or with permission.
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Regular pic Winter variant 2021/2022
Profile pic by @kit_katei Winter variant by @kit_katei
Fullbody shirt front pic by @kit_katei Fullbody shirt back pic by @kit_katei Fullbody shirt front pic by @kit_katei Fullbody sweater front pic by @kit_katei Fullbody sweater back pic by @kit_katei Fullbody sweater front pic by @kit_katei
Profile pic, happy and mad reactions
Profile pic by @kit_katei Happy by @kit_katei Mad by @kit_katei

Art by @kit_katei

Flying Saki

Flying Saki by @Akur_VR

Art by @Akur_VR

Life is not daijoubu

Life is not daijoubu by @eleotaku_iguess

Art by @eleotaku_iguess

Masaki hacking

Masaki hacking by @mugitchi

Art by @mugitchi